Landlord insurance is similar to traditional homeowner’s insurance, but it differs in that it does not necessarily cover your tenants. When you want to rent your home, purchase an apartment complex, or even develop a duplex, you need to make sure that you have landlord insurance as protection. Continue reading to learn how you can use these policies to protect yourself and your investment.

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What Does Landlord Insurance Do?

Landlord insurance is designed to protect the building, value, and improvements you have made. This means that you are protecting the house’s frame, any major parts of the house like the roof, and the improvements you have invested in. This would be no different if you invested in an apartment building.

When you are insuring an apartment complex, you are insuring each unit, adding up the value of those units, and adding any improvements that have been made. The policy’s total value should be enough to rebuild the structure just as if it were destroyed.

Landlord insurance can be used when the building sustains major damage, and it can also be used to protect the landlord when it cannot be rented because of major disasters.

What Does Landlord Insurance Exclude?

Landlord insurance does not include the belongings of the tenant. The landlord insurance does not necessarily cover damage that is caused by tenants. You need to know that you have insurance to protect yourself, but you should also ask your tenants to provide coverage for their belongings. These tenants could cause fires, cause major damage, leave a sink running, or leave a door open that allows wildlife to destroy the unit. You can only pay for so much with your landlord policy.

Hire A Great Agent

You need to make sure that you have found a great agent who can help you get the best insurance price. You can ask the agent to write up the policy for you, and you should ask the agent if the policy’s valuation should change based on improvements that you have made to the building.

You might also want to find an agent that will help you offer basic insurance to your tenants. Remember that your landlord insurance does not cover tenants, but you can point your tenants in the right direction.

An agent is also a good person to go to when you think of buying a new property. You can speak to the agent about what they would do to ensure the space. The agent might also explain why they cannot ensure the building. This is very important because you may need to do more work on the building than you thought. You cannot even get insurance for a building with knob and tube wiring, and an insurance agent can instantly show you why that is a problem.

The insurance agent can also explain how they will need to raise the insurance’s value and price for something like a pool.

buy Landlord Insurance today and save

Save on Landlord Insurance
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Make Sure That The Insurance Carrier Offers Good Customer Service

It would help if you worked with an insurance carrier that has good ratings for customer service. You can look up all the complaints that have been made against the company, and you can eliminate any company that appears to offer poor customer service. You should make sure that you have called the insurance company to talk about how they provide service and handle claims.

You also need to find a company that has a local agent. You can work with the local agent. You can get the service you need without trying to call someone who lives far away. The local agent will understand the local laws, and they can explain to you how these laws apply to you as the owner of a duplex or apartment building. Someone working with a local agent can get better discounts, and the agent can help evaluate the building. The agent can make the policy as valuable as needed, but they will not allow you to take out too much coverage.

Make Sure You Keep A Low Deductible

You want to keep your deductible as low as possible. You need to know for a fact that you will not spend too much money out of pocket when damage occurs. You can find a nice insurance policy that will be affordable, but you can easily cover the deductible. If you need to pay more to drop your deductible, you should make sure that your agent helps you find the right policy.

How Long Does The Policy Last?

When you would like to sign up for coverage, you will renew every year. You may have had a new assessment on the building, and you will need to raise the price of your home insurance because the value of the building jumped. You might also need to keep the policy’s value the same or drop it when the value of the building has dropped.

You might also ask your agent if they can set up an automatic payment plan that will help you save money. You will likely get a discount when you use these policies, and you will also notice that you can add these insurance payments to your mortgage. If you speak to an agent before you buy the building or home, they can give you a quote added to your mortgage payment and closing documents.

Find A Great Insurance Policy Today

You should find a great insurance policy today when you have issues with managing an apartment or duplex. It would help if you got insurance to protect yourself. Your tenants need to have their own insurance, but you need to protect the building with your insurance. You can refer your tenants to the insurance agent, and you can adjust the policy’s value at any time.