The Route to an Excellent Employment Practices Liability Insurance Plan

One of the driving forces for any employer is a human resource. Among the best business advice you can receive is; the same energy you put into your human resource is the same energy your business outcome will have. When you place value in your employees, your aim will always be towards ensuring they get the best working conditions hence better results. However, the amount of investment you put into your employees does not make you immune to your employees suing you.

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When an employee decides to sue your company, the repercussions can be significant. For issues like injuries or illness sustained at work, you can relax knowing that the workman’s compensation insurance can handle them. When other issues like wrongful termination of employment arise, they might throw your business into great financial turmoil if a judgment is entered against your business. Therefore making employment practices liability insurance, your business partner is among the best decisions you can make for yourself and your business.

If you are looking to acquire employment practices liability insurance for your business, look no further because we have you covered. Whatever insurance needs you have, you will be surprised that our agents are on standby, waiting to serve you wherever you are. All you need to do is let our agents know the specifics you want. The information about the available insurers and the policies’ particulars will be communicated to you in detail. Our agents do all the work towards ensuring that the insurance policy contract that you at the end append your signature against is the best the industry can offer.

What types of businesses need Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Almost every business needs an employment practices liability insurance policy. The size of your business does not deter an employee from bringing a lawsuit against your company. Most small business owners have always had that some insurance policy covers like employment practices liability insurance is a reserve for large corporations. Statistics have shown that any business can be sued; therefor e, if you are looking to guard your business against abrupt lawsuits, employment practices, liability insurance is the solution you need.

What do you stand to lose if you don’t have an Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Just a small demonstration for you; due to reasons beyond your control, you decide to dismiss your employee without following the legal, due process summarily. As usual, the employee will end up at home with no job hence affecting his livelihood. Abrupt unemployment can depress anyone. Therefore your employee feeling aggrieved by the dismissal decides to sue your business for wrongful termination. You get served with a lawsuit, and you diligently defend it, but due to the amount of evidence labeled against you, judgment is entered against you in the sum of $300,000. Making payment for such an amount can cause significant injury to your personal and business finances. Back to the question, what do you stand to lose if you don’t have employment practices liability insurance? Well, you stand to lose everything. You place yourself in a position of being a possible bankruptcy candidate.

If you care about your business reputation and finances, then make that call now and let our agents help you find the perfect employment practices liability insurance plan best suited for your business.

buy Employment Practices Liability Insurance today and save

Save on Employment Practices Liability Insurance
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Examples of other claims that can get your business sued:

  • Discrimination of pregnant women at your place of work
    Cases of women losing their jobs due to pregnancy are not new. Terminating your female employees’ employment on pregnancy grounds will have you facing a lawsuit both for discrimination and wrongful termination.
  • Racism
    An employee who feels that the way he is treated at the workplace results from racial reasons might bring a lawsuit against your business. Employers have a mandate to ensure that their workplaces are accommodative to all people regardless of their racial background.
  • Illegal investigations
    Doing background checks on your employee might not sit well with them. If the information being sought is private, your employee can bring a lawsuit on criminal investigations, amounting to infringing on their right to privacy.
  • Underpayment
    An employee aware of the statutory acceptable minimum wage per hour might sue if the payments made to them don’t meet set standards.

You need to note that allegations labeled against you by your employees don’t have to be true. Your innocence will be something you have to prove to the Court, and in the event, the case against you is dismissed, you will still have spent time and money on issues that could have been handled for you if you had employment practices liability insurance.

How much money will I have to pay for my Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Various factors determine the cost of your employment practices liability insurance. Still, most importantly, our agents have mastered the critical elements of determining the cost, and they are always ready to guide you. The key factors that will determine the price include the current employees on board and work policies touching harassment and discrimination.

Benefits of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

EPLI offers your business various benefits. Legal costs spent defending your lawsuit are not cheap, and this is where your insurance cover will come in for you. If you lose in your suit, your insurance cover will be responsible for settling the judgment amount depending on your policy’s terms. Also, an EPLI gives you the confidence to pursue an out-of-court settlement; the agreed settlement between the two parties will be satisfied by your insurer.

How do I choose Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

We understand how tedious your business engagements already are, and we don’t want you to find it hard to choose the right policy for your business. Our agents have your best interest at heart; they are aware that every company has different needs, and to find that perfect policy for you, let our agents lead the way.