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Learn about the types of insurance options

Personal Insurance Options:

Auto Insurance
Car insurance is also known as auto insurance, vehicle insurance, or motor insurance. Learn More
Mobile Home Insurance
Mobile home insurance is also referred to as manufactured home insurance. It is primarily designed as a homeowner’s insurance policy because it can provide adequate financial protection for the home if it gets some unfortunate damage. Although it is not a prerequisite need by law, mobile home communities and mortgage companies require that homeowners purchase and provide coverage. Learn More
Motorcycle Insurance
In many states, the law requires motorcycle riders to have insurance coverage. Besides being a law-abiding citizen, motorcycle insurance can protect you from financial loss, e.g., losing your life savings in the event of an accident that resulted in property damage or personal injuries. It can also cover you against damage from vandalism, theft and even cover the accompanying medical bills. Learn More
Boat Insurance
Typically, it is coverage that insures your watercraft or boat from theft or damages. The destruction can be from natural disasters such as lighting and windstorms. In addition to that, if the boat catches fire, you will receive payment to replace it. Small and large boats need insurance since they are at risk in the ocean or sea. Learn More
RV Insurance
Budget for RV insurance as it is needed for your RV. RV insurance can be confusing at times because laws vary from one state to another. Even though a state does not legally obligate you to insure your RV, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase it. Learn More
Homeowners Insurance
Home insurance covers your belongings and essential structures in your house. The coverage is critical, especially if you have a mortgage since your lender needs to protect the investment. Learn More
Health Insurance
Independent insurance agents specialized in health insurance are usually excellent resources when evaluating health plans. In some cases, you can find more affordable options through independent agents than through your employer. Learn More
Snowmobile Insurance
Snowmobile insurance is a direct reflection of how the snowmobile is being used. In other words, the insurance company will give you a cover depending on the information you give them on how you operate your snowmobile. Learn More
Umbrella Insurance
If you are considering different insurance policies, you may have heard umbrella insurance tossed around. However, you may not know what umbrella insurance really means. Umbrella insurance policies are extensions of liability insurance policies. They are designed to help individuals have more expansive coverage than their current liability insurance policies provide. This means that those facing very costly expenses, such as medical expenses or legal fees, can increase their coverage to help limit this blow to their finances. Learn More
Landlord Insurance
Landlord insurance is designed to protect the building, value, and improvements you have made. This means that you are protecting the house’s frame, any major parts of the house like the roof, and the improvements you have invested in. This would be no different if you invested in an apartment building. Learn More
Renters Insurance
Renter’s insurance will cover everything in the rented house or dwelling. The policy’s named perils will include electricity malfunctions, plumbing, vandalism, theft, fire, weather-related damages, and other hazards. Learn More
Life Insurance
Life insurance is an agreement between an insurance company and a person, providing coverage to the beneficiaries in the event of the insured’s untimely death. The beneficiaries named in the insurance policy enjoy the proceeds of the person that signed the agreement. Learn More
Trailer Insurance
There are several types of trailers that differ in terms of valuation. Some can cost several hundred dollars while others may cost more than 100,000 dollars. The insurance covers motorcycle trailers, horse trailers, boat trailers, ATV trailers, among others. The cost of trailer insurance usually depends on the value and what the trailer is being used for. Learn More
Condo Insurance
Condo insurance is also known as HO-6 insurance and is famous for protecting the condo units and providing them with personal liability coverage. Also, if the condo becomes uninhabitable, then the insurance will provide living expense coverage. HO-6 policies can also be referred to as walls-in Coverage simply because they protect the individual unit. In contrast, the condo master policy will cover common building areas. Learn More
Jewelry Insurance
Do you have a collection of jewelry that’s worth a fortune? Or are you the owner of a multimillion jewelry store in town? It doesn’t matter what type of jewelry you own. It is important to ensure that they are protected. The problem is that most people shy away from insuring their jewelry because they fear the cost of insurance. Some may fail to get insurance covers for their jewelry simply because they don’t think it’s worth the hassle. Learn More

Business Insurance Options:

Builders Risk Insurance
This type of insurance is a specific type of policy that assists with paying to replace, recover, or repair a construction project’s value. Builders’ risk insurance can cover various types of claims, such as labor costs, theft, fires, and natural disasters. Learn More
Builders Umbrella Insurance
This type of insurance is a specific type of policy that assists with paying to replace, recover, or repair a construction project’s value. Builders’ risk insurance can cover various types of claims, such as labor costs, theft, fires, and natural disasters. Learn More
Contractors Equipment Insurance
Independent contractors use specialized tools and equipment to execute their duties. Equipment like bulldozers, earthmovers, forklifts, and compressors are quite expensive. Yet, the contractor has to hire or buy the machinery and use them on dangerous sites. Contractors sign up for contractors’ equipment insurance coverage to safeguard such massive investments. What is the scope of this policy? Are you or your contractors eligible for this insurance? Let us explore all this and more below. Learn More
Directors And Officers Insurance
Directors and officers liability insurance, also sometimes referred to simply as D&O insurance, is designed to protect a corporation’s director’s and officers’ personal assets. Protection is also extended to the spouses of directors and officers. This protection is enacted when the directors and officers are sued by investors, employees, customers, competitors, or vendors. Such legal action might be brought or wrongful acts associated with the company’s management, whether alleged or actual. Learn More
Builders Risk Insurance
This type of insurance is a specific type of policy that assists with paying to replace, recover, or repair a construction project’s value. Builders’ risk insurance can cover various types of claims, such as labor costs, theft, fires, and natural disasters. Learn More
Commercial Property Insurance
Also known as business property insurance, it buffers your venture’s physical assets. It covers the building with equipment, supplies, inventory, and furniture inside it. Thus, business owners need coverage to ensure that it ensures them against losses from damage. Fire, theft, and natural disasters that strike your property are what the insurance will cover. Learn More
Errors And Omissions Insurance
Owning a business is associated with the possibility of several liabilities since making mistakes is part of human nature. Some clients can sue your company based on those mistakes resulting in substantial financial burdens on your business. As such, the aim of insurance covers the general liability, and the errors and omissions insurance is to protect your business from unplanned financial expenses. Learn More
Inland Marine Coverage
Inland marine insurance is a type of property insurance policy that ensures tools, equipment, goods, and any other property that isn’t stationed on a business premise. The name inland shouldn’t mistake you to think that the insurance cover is meant for boats or anything of the sort. Inland marine insurance offers protection for a wide range of property, including cargo, you ship using trucks, equipment, and machinery used in the construction sector, fine art, photography, musical instruments, among others. Learn More
Workman’s Compensation Insurance
Running your own business might be the one thing that most people admire about you. It doesn’t matter whether someone helped you along your journey or an achievement you made on your own. You probably look at progress and are filled with pride. Therefore, doing things that benefit your business positively should be top of your priorities. Among the things that can help your business entirely is taking up a workman’s compensation insurance. Learn More
Business Owners Policy (BOP)
Bundled insurance policies address many risks that you or your business may encounter. A single insurer’s convenience to cover diverse types of losses makes business owner’s policies viable and appealing options for those with small or mid-sized enterprises. Learn More
Commercial Vehicle Insurance
First, a commercial vehicle is a business asset; hence commercial vehicle insurance is classified as a form of business insurance. Primarily, having an auto-insurance cover for your vehicle is mandatory, but this is not enough to cover your vehicle’s commercial role. Therefore, commercial vehicle insurance comes in to cover any additional liabilities that might arise from vehicle usage. Learn More
Business Liability Insurance
You can term it as general liability business insurance or general liability insurance. The coverage protects business owners from lawsuits and claims from other third parties. Thus, you can pay for legal fees using the coverage and cover any financial liabilities that you have incurred. It is an essential tool for your establishment to not use money out of pocket to meet such costs. Learn More
Cyber Liability Insurance
The concept of cybersecurity is new to many people and businesses; that’s why it’s often overlooked. Nonetheless, cybersecurity is a global problem that is currently posing a threat to locations around the world. As such, it is essential to ensure that you and your business are protected against the risks resulting from cyber-crime. The best way of accomplishing this is through a cyber liability insurance policy. Learn More
Employment Practices Liability
Almost every business needs an employment practices liability insurance policy. The size of your business does not deter an employee from bringing a lawsuit against your company. Most small business owners have always had that some insurance policy covers like employment practices liability insurance is a reserve for large corporations. Statistics have shown that any business can be sued; therefore, if you are looking to guard your business against abrupt lawsuits, employment practices, liability insurance is the solution you need. Learn More
Excess Liability Insurance
Excess liability insurance gives you extra protection beyond your first liability insurance policy. This policy will provide you with coverage for claims once the maximum for your initial insurance policy has been reached. Learn More